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Why getting your feet checked is important Paragraph. 
The first step to quitting smoking


This article is about how to quit smoking - the general public can read this. 
Did you know HotHealth has Video Conferencing?

Video Conferencing

You can now use HotHealth to communicate with your patients and clients via a virtual consultation.  Make sure you add your staff to your staff profiles page first! 
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Returning home after a hip replacement

Hip replacement

It's very important that you follow your surgeon's instructions.  Additionally, here are some suggestions that may make life a little easier at home. Please discuss these with your surgeon before you are discharged from the hospital: Remember that you'll probably tire more easily than usua...
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Australian Government subsidy of Continuous Glucose Monitors


 Australian Government subsidy of Continuous Glucose Monitors During the 2016 Federal Election, the Government committed to subsidise continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology to assist children and young adults under 21 years of age who face extra challenges managing their type 1 diabet...
How we are 'Streamlining the Patient Journey'

Streamlining the patient journey Watch our short video to understand how we are connecting consumers and clinicians.
Spotlight on Global Health


CEO Mathew Cherian chats with Shareidea on his background in software development, and provides insight in to the future of the healthcare software industry in Australia. It's busy times ahead for Global Health with exciting new prospects on the horizon. A strategic, market-focused approach to p...
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South West Healthcare Christmas Auction raises money for therapy dogs

fundraiser dogs

South West Healthcare’s annual Christmas Online Auction aims to raise money to improve patient care.  For the second year in a row, Global Health donated to the online auction to help  raise funds to continue another year’s visit by the Delta Therapy Dogs for their Extended Care In...